Best Playgrounds to Visit in Brisbane


When you have kids, the first thing that always comes to mind as a parent is their enjoyment. Whenever you are going to have a vacation, you are making sure that you are going to a place where there are spaces and amenities for the children to play around in and have fun. Our website traffic visitors per day will be happy to read that you actually have a lot of options for playgrounds when you go to Brisbane. Check the list to find out more about these playgrounds.

Whale Park at Wynnum Foreshore

parkIf your kids love water, then you will definitely enjoy going to Whale Park. It is located at the Wynnum Foreshore. Enjoy the sun and the water at the same time with this convenient park with lots of amenities for kids to play around with. It has a wading pool that is filled with sea water during high tides. One of the features of this wading pool is the spouting whales which give kids a spray of water.

You will also find playgrounds in Whale Park where your kids can use their imagination and be in a pirate ship or a navy ship. There are lots of varieties that the children can play around in and exhaust all their energy all day long using their phones on mobile traffic google analytics coupled with the 4d show.

Calamvale District Park

For those who want to see enormous playground equipment that you can only dream of, you should go to Calamvale District Park. You will see areas where kids can climb, cross bridges, and slide down long and winding slopes. The whole area is also filled with green grass which makes it very ideal for lots of chasing and running for your children. Some of the other amenities of the park include an enclosed dog playground, free Wi-Fi, wheelchair accessible toilets, bench seats, and carparks.

Frew Park

Frew Park is located at the Milton Tennis Centre. The Centre is known for having hosted numerous Australian tennis ballplayers of different generations. Frew Park itself has a tennis court where your kids can play in. The style of the playground is futuristic which great colors and abstract themes borrowed from vergelijken internet en tv theming. You can read tech blogs dedicated to this iconic park.