Solo Things to Do in Brisbane


Traveling is all about enjoying the sights and sounds of the place. It is about being immersed in a diverse culture other than your own. It is actively experiencing the people and the place without being interrupted by the minor stuff. If you have gone to cheap hotels in Amsterdam city trip on your own, then going to Brisbane is no different. You can still enjoy Brisbane as a solo traveler. Go on a trip on your own at least once in a while. It will surely be an exhilarating and unique trip.

Take a tour at the Brisbane Clock Tower

clock towerHave you ever had a dream of one day going up a clock tower and viewing the city from within the structure? Most kids would always want to be in one of those towers and experience what it is like to be inside it. The Brisbane Clock Tower is located in the Main Hall of Brisbane. It has been established for more than 80 years.

When you go to the tower, you will be treated to a hand power lift that will bring you to the viewing deck. The deck itself is something to look forward to. You will see the beauty and the vastness of the city through this bird’s eye view. The whole tour lasts for 15 minutes. Tourists from around the world flock to this structure to experience the tradition of the city which reflects its unique history. Make sure that you reserve a ticket right away because the clock accommodation can become busy during the weekdays and weekends just like those targeted traffic your website.

Boutique Breweries

Australia is renowned for its world-class breweries and products. You can schedule a trip to these boutique breweries and see the processes that undergo in every production and operation of the business. Some of the breweries that you can go to are the Newstead Brewing, the Green Beacon, and the Ballistic Beer Co. Ask the person in charge if you can get some special discounts on the beer using aliexpress coupon and promo codes. Who knows? They might give one to you.


The Triffid

Fill yourself with some awesome music and an evening of drinking in this old World War II hangar. You will see different bands and solo artists play on the grounds. Have fun with new friends here as you chill and listen to the live music being played.